Accessing CyberPanel

When you first access CyberPanel your browser may display an alert saying that the connection is not secure. This is because CyberPanel is using a self-signed certificate. Below I show how to fix this. For now, just proceed and sign in using the secure credentials generated in the Console.

CyberPanel with Custom URL and SSL Certificate

You can change CyberPanel's address to a custom URL. This way you no longer have to type the server's IP address and you will have a valid SSL certificate (issued by Let’s Encrypt).

Create a new website using a subdomain (e.g. and point that subdomain to the server. Note: If you are using CloudFlare disable the cloud for this subdomain.

That done, you can set a secure URL for CyberPanel by clicking SSL in the side menu and then Hostname SSL. Select your subdomain from the list and click the Issue SSL button.

You can now access CyberPanel using

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