After adding a new server

There are two things to do after adding a new server.

Finish Deployment

When you go to the management page of a newly added server you will be asked to add a label, hostname (main domain that will be used on that server) and select a location where the server will be physically deployed.

When you fill in these fields and click the Finish Deployment button your new server will be deployed to the location you choose. This process usually takes around 4 minutes.

Generate Credentials

Before you can access CyberPanel you need to generate secure credentials.

Click the Console button to access your server via SSH. Use the username root and password reisws123 to log in.

When you are logged in type the command rws setup and hit enter. This command will generate secure credentials for CyberPanel, SSH, and database.

Write down your credentials and store them in a safe place.

You can repeat this command to generate new credentials.

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